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You are a Warrior. 


You show up every day. Be the change you want to see in the world.

We've designed the best gear that supports you in unleashing your power. Our gear stays in place when you move and it feels incredible on your skin.


making improvements

We are currently making improvements to our online store. We will relaunch our new online store this fall. Stay tuned! Have an amazing summer!

Every Warrior needs great armour. 

An amazing fitting and feeling outfit instantly boosts your self-confidence and your mood. It sets you up for a great day. Whether you are going to crush a killer workout, run a marathon, tackle your to-do list, or sit comfortably in meditation, the right clothing is imperative. A real yOGi outfit harmoniously moves with your body during any activity. The fabric and designs compliment and enhance every body.

Join an army of people who are Mindful, Confident and Empowered and who take accountability and responsibility for their own health, wellness and happiness. Real yOGi Warrior’s inspiring others, lifting people up when they are down and being the change they want to see in the world. Unleash your real yOGi Warrior and be part of the real yOGi movement today!

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

our online store is under renovation

We are enhancing your shopping experience but it takes time! Thank you for your patience during our renovations! Our online shop will be back soon!

love it, longer

Feel great - we ask that you wash with the care instructions provided.

We stand behind the quality of our items and would graciously accept returns of any manufacturer defect.  

Return policy

Full Refund: Unworn, tags attached within 2 weeks. Manufacturer issues, always.

Credit: Items over 2 weeks


Boutique pick-up or 

Canada/USA shipping. Free shipping in Canada when you spend $175 or more.

* excludes mats

Always new

Each item is brand new - we don't sell our 'try on samples', or returns to customers until we have our sample sale.

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