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Shalyn at The Real Yogi

Hi, I'm Shalyn

supporting your journey 

Hi, I am Shalyn, I am a Wellness Guide, fluent in a number of healing modalities designed to support you on your Journey to Self. I have created a very unique, welcoming, safe space where you can embark on your self-discovery and self-healing journey. Join me for a 1:1 session. 

  • Explore who you are right now and who you would like to become.

    222 Canadian dollars
  • Continue the journey of self-exploration.

    111 Canadian dollars
  • Cleanse and balance your chakras.

    111 Canadian dollars
  • Manifesting is an incredibly powerful tool if done with intention.

    90 Canadian dollars
  • Explore the healing powers of reiki in this energy healing practice.

    90 Canadian dollars
  • Meet on our mats and move through postures that are specifically suite...

    90 Canadian dollars
  • A judgement free space where you can share your thoughts freely.

    90 Canadian dollars
  • Let’s get to know each other!

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