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Are you ready to take the plunge?

We are excited to offer this new ICE (Intentional Cold Exposure) experience to the studio! The health benefits of ICE are incredible and the healing properties of ICE are extraordinary. Release trauma, build mental toughness, combat inflammation and feel a rush of rejuvenation using the power of the cold. Step into your power and learn how to embrace the challenges of life by developing a Warrior mindset. We are excited to welcome Tyler Madigan, our Breath and Cold Expert into the studio to offer you Guided Cold Plunges, Transcendent Breath & Cold Journeys and weekly Explore Breath Work Classes.


Meet Tyler

Tyler is an Executive by day and Spiritual Leader by night. Tyler is a Professional Engineer who excels in the corporate world. Climbing the corporate ladder used to be his definition of success, until he had an awakening and began his self-healing journey. Tyler is still a master of the boardroom but he has learned the value of self-love, self-care, balance and what success really means. Tyler is now our studio breath and cold expert. He is a certified Sherpa Breath and Cold Instructor and a Wim Hoff Method practitioner with hundreds of hours of personal practice and facilitation experience. As he continues on his journey he has found ICE and breath work to be paramount in his overall health, wellness and well being and he is excited to share this with you. 

Private or Semi-Private

You can meet Tyler for a semi-private guided cold plunge on Saturday mornings and a guided breath work group class on Sunday mornings. You can book directly through our booking app here.  


You can also book private ICE sessions and breath work sessions with Tyler here.

Tyler also facilitates Transcendent Breath & Cold Journeys. These breath work sessions are nothing like you have experienced before. His journey will change your life. 

What you can expect on a Transcendent Breath & Cold Journey:


You will be taken on a complete nervous system journey as you use your breath to experience different state shifts from calming stress to break through experiences that can help clear emotional blocks and trauma. Tyler will be your guide as you climb your own mountain exploring your nervous system using different breath flows and techniques to ascend from a parasympathetic state into the sympathetic state and then safely back down into a parasympathetic state before ending the session with a guided visualization and meditation.


Every breathwork journey is different, but these sessions often produce profound outcomes including psychedelic like experiences, trauma release, awakening and self-realization. You can experience deep transformation by simply using your breath and you are in complete control. Unlike psychedelic drugs, you can come out of this experience at any time. 

You can schedule a private Transcendent Breath & Cold Journey with Tyler here

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