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journey to self

We have created a unique healing space for everyone. In addition to our drop-in yoga classes we offer individual healing journeys too. 


Hi, I am Shalyn, I am a Wellness Guide, fluent in a number of healing modalities designed to support you on your journey to self. I have created a very unique, welcoming, safe space where you can embark on your self-discovery and self-healing journey to self. I want you to unleash your Warrior Within and see how powerful you are. In our private sessions together we will explore a number of different modalities such as yoga (somatic movement), breath, sound and frequency healing, meditation, reiki and intuitive talk therapy. 

Our first session together will be a minimum of two hours, as we will spend a lot of time getting to know one another and talking about what modalities are best suited for you. After our initial session, we can proceed with one hour follow-up sessions. 

Journey to Self Investment:

First Session - $222

Follow-up Session - $111

Your journey to self sessions with Shalyn are available by private booking only.

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